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Posted: 6th of March 2009 | in Blog

Sommet Slab

Available from

The Sommet family has a new Slab counter-part. This high impact font is available in six different weights with complimentary italics and OpenType features. Sommet Slab features a tall x-height, is compact and perfect setting when space is limited. “Use Sommet Slab whenever you need a powerful and contemporary slab-serif.” – Isignedesign

Vitesse: A slab serif for the 21st century.

Content From Hofler Frere Jones:

“Engineered for responsive handling and a sporty ride, Vitesse is confident and stylish in any situation.” – Hofler Frere Jones


Content from Type Together

Type Together

“While Adelle is a slab serif typeface conceived specifically for intensive editorial use, mainly in newspapers and magazines, its personality and flexibility make it a real multiple-purpose typeface. The intermediate weights deliver a very legible and neutral look when used in text sizes, providing the usual robustness expected in a newspaper font.” – TypeTogether. (To read the original article from TypeTogether)

Examples of Adelle:


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